We are in harvest season

Two coffee farmers from the region.

Most of their specialty coffee sales depend on tourism.

From home

we can support then by drinking fresh and amazing coffee

If you want to buy

please contact us

To all our friends in the world, we hope you are taking care of yourselves from home.

This is an ideal time to organize:
photos, ideas, plan upcoming projects and of course upcoming trips.

We wish that a good coffee stays with you in this process; we in Quindio Colombia, coffee origin, will be waiting for you.

​If you have a reservation with us we ask you to please postpone it, don't cancel!

We will keep the prices for those who have booked trips with us.

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Tours en el Quindío: Buenavista ,Pijao , Salento y Génova.

what to do in buenavista pijao genova


We offer you what to do in Quindío



  • Tour de cafe, coffee tour, para hacer en pijao, salento, filandia, buenavista, genova quindio

    An experience that invites travellers and coffee producers to exchange their knowledge about coffee.


    10am to 4pm/ 6 hours.

  • peace tour, coffee tour quindio, what to do pijao, salento, filandia, buenavista and genova

    Pijao is just as colorful as its inhabitants, who will welcome you in their homes. 


    3 hours. Only Weekends. Saturday 10:00.a.m and 3:00.p.m Sunday 3:00.p.m