Types of cancellation

Advance cancellation

Cancelación anticipada

​​It is the type of cancellation that we consider correct and that implies refunds or no penalties.

Unanticipated cancellation

We consider that the unanticipated cancellation occurs when it is made out of the time defined to cancel (see according to contracted service) and it has a penalty or implies the payment of at least a percentage of the value contracted.


​​Tours Pijao Gardens, Si Génova and WakecupTour by Experiencia Cafetera and the packages that are available on the website www.experienciacafetera.com or those booked with Experiencia Cafetera team or Panorama Café Hostel, by any means, either telephone, email, chat or live.

We understand for additional services: Mountain biking, horseback riding, guiding, Paragliding, full session or standard massage, walking in the coffee belt and transportation.

It is considered a reservation for a tour, package or additional service when you previously agreed with a person from the Experiencia Cafetera team to contract the specific service.

Cancel tours, packages or additional services

In case you do not want to take a tour, package or additional service previously booked with us you have a maximum of 48 hours to cancel it, if you do not do it, itis considered an unanticipated cancellation and you will have to pay to Experiencia Cafetera 50% of the value of the reserved service.


To cancel call us at +57 3184932758 or write to the email book@experienciacafetera.com or communicate directly with a person from the Experiencia Cafetera Team or Panorama Café Hostel.

Your request will be processed and, if you comply with the cancellation policies of the service you have reserved, we will refund or charge only the corresponding amount.