Interacting with people of the town

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To live an authentic coffee experience it is necessary to know those local people who have put a personal touch to the construction of culture, and who are part of the daily life of this coffee town. These are recommended plans that we have created for you at no cost, if you wish to economically reward the character when your visit end, it is in your will and you will hand it to him personally:

Play Billiar with Galicia

Besides being a great billiard player, Galicia is a great person, completely authentic, with a particular and fun laugh, he likes to teach how to play billiards, he likes to interact with others, and he likes to be invited to "tinto" (Colombian coffee).

Playing Tejo with "El renegado"

Have fun playing WITH AN EXPERT of the National Sport of Colombia:

The tejo or turmequé is a sport that symbolizes popular and peasant culture. It consists of throwing a metallic disc to some clay courts (located in the ends) inside the game area to make explode the wicks (small envelopes with gunpowder) and thus adding points. You can get points by bursting the wick, making embocinada and moñona. These are different ways of adding score. It is a dynamic, popular and representative game of Colombian culture with recognition by Coldeportes and the Colombian Olympic Committee.

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