Across the mountains

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Walking on a mountain is a wonderful experience, to be in contact with nature and to breathe clean air with peace. This is what you will find during this tour. And if you arrive at the end of the tour you can have a very pleasant conversation with Don Augusto, a person who loves the countryside and the things that inhabit it.

Places: Through the mountains to arrive where Don Augusto lives (The Dairy).

Journey time: Four hours round trip.

Type:  Road and mountain.

What to wear?: Long pants and comfortable shoes.

What to take with you?: Water, camera, and sunblock.

Instructions:  Go to the main park of Buenavista and take the road to Pijao (Los Balson township), you can stop at Terraza Café San Alberto and enjoy a delicious world class coffee.

Then follow the road to the mountain, you will find some divisions, you will always take the road that leads to the mountain (to the right)

You get to a clear track of the road, on the right side it leads to the mountain and it takes an hour more until you reach Don Augusto's place. You will walk on a path through the bushes on an established path.

Don Augusto is a person who lives alone in the farm and likes to talk to people from other cultures, although he only knows a few words in English, he has a lot of valuable knowledge to teach.

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